Highly performant, secure infrastructure is the core of our business and the security of our customers stake is of utmost importance to us.

Infrastructure & Security

Secure and Reliable Blockchain Infrastructure

Crosnest is dedicated to running blockchain infrastructures that are both secure and reliable. With our meticulous attention to security measures and a commitment to operational excellence, we provide a trustworthy foundation for your blockchain endeavors.


We have built an advanced blockchain infrastructure by applying 30+ years of real-world experience operating critical internet infrastructure.

Availability & Reliability

At Crosnest, we prioritize unmatched availability and reliability to ensure uninterrupted access and smooth staking for our users.

  • Our infrastructure is redundant with multiple ISPs in different countries to mitigate risks.
  • High availability block signature ¬†using multi-party-computation (MPC) signing service
  • We employ advanced monitoring and intrusion detection systems to detect potential threats.
  • Our dedicated team of security experts continuously monitors and responds to emerging security challenges.
  • Protect your digital assets with industry-leading security measures.
  • Non-custodial: staking with us always remains non-custodial so that you're always in control of your funds.¬†